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US vacation destinations for seasonal allergy sufferers

The best vacation destinations for pollen allergy patients

The beach

A trip to the sea front usually offers some respite to pollen allergy sufferers, because the saltwater sea breeze brings clean air free of pollen. At the beach, not a lot of plants generating pollen grow. Consider the Hamptons or South Florida for an allergy-free beach vacation.

The sea

A surefire way to flee from pollen is to go offshore! There are no plants growing on a cruise ship. However, allergy sufferers should beware of mold if they choose to go on a cruise. If the ship is not air conditioned well, moisture can lead to mold growth. Other than that, cruise trips offer pollen allergy sufferers escape from greenery and pollen. There are many different cruise lines to choose from, for example the Caribbean, Alaska, or the Galapagos.

The mountains

Similar to going offshore, a skiing trip to the mountains is a great option for seasonal allergy sufferers. Where there is cold temperatures and snow, there are no pollen. Escape the start of pollen season in Spring and follow the snow into the mountains of Colorado or Utah, for example.

The city

Swap the green countryside for the concrete jungle of a big city to get away from tree, grass, and weed pollen. A city trip to New York offers everything from restaurants, theatre, to shopping and nightlife and a relatively low pollen count. Stay cautious of other irritants such as air pollution, and you are good to go. Other big cities that work well for allergy sufferers are Miami, Boston, and Honolulu – located by the beach, they might even offer double the advantage.

The desert

Allergy patients from the Northeast and Southeast who do well with heat should consider visiting desert regions with little greenery. Joshua Tree, CA; Zion, UT; the Grand Canyon, AZ; or a trip to Las Vegas, NV are great choices. Note: The Southwest is not completely allergy-free. Phoenix, AZ used to be a top destination for travelers suffering from allergies, but since then many people moved there from other regions and brought their plants – and therefore pollen – with them.

The Northwest

If ragweed is causing you trouble, consider a refreshing trip to the most northwestern point of the United States and book a flight to Alaska. It is the only state where ragweed does not grow. If you love outdoor activities, there is a lot of opportunities for hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking, all of that without pesky ragweed pollen bothering you.

No matter where you choose to go – if you suffer from allergies, going on vacation usually requires extra planning. Check out this allergy prevention vacation checklist for more details!


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