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Travel checklist for allergy patients

We have prepared an essential checklist of all the things you should consider:

  • Use a packing app
    There are plenty of free apps that will help you stay organized in advance, with the option of mailing or printing the lists you created. Some pro versions will also let you store old packing lists you created in case you will need them for a trip again.
  • Travel insurance
    Make sure your travel insurance policy covers treatment for your allergic conditions abroad.
  • Get vaccinated
    Check with your doctor if there are any special vaccinations required for your destination. Respiratory infections trigger asthma, so consider getting the influenza and COVID-19 vaccine. Egg allergy patients need specialist advice as some vaccinations contain egg protein.
  • Prepare medication
    Make sure you have all the medication you need and be mindful of expiration dates. Carry medication in its original packaging (helpful for security checks and customs) in your hand luggage.
  • Check food allergy policies
    If you are allergic to a certain food group, check for food allergy policies with your airline and travel agent before you book tickets.
  • Prepare for emergencies
    Check for local hospitals at your destination and carry an epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen) for food and insect venom allergies.
  • Accommodation
    If you stay at a hotel, request a smoke-free and pet-free room. If you are a food allergy patient, consider accommodation with a kitchen unit so you can cook for yourself if you need to.
  • Check pollen count
    Make sure you are aware of active pollen and their intensity in your destination. Start taking antihistamines a few days prior to leaving and plan your activities accordingly.
  • Foreign language
    If you are travelling to a non-English speaking country, prepare how to communicate food allergies at restaurants in the country’s language to avoid problems while ordering.

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