Travel checklist for allergy patients

Dealing with allergies and going on vacation can be stressful. But do not worry – with our travel checklist it will be easy to relax and have fun just like anyone else. We have prepared an essential checklist of all the things you should consider: Use a packing app There are plenty of free apps … Continued

The 7 best allergy-friendly indoor plants

If you are a pollen allergy sufferer struggling with hay fever symptoms, it might sound paradoxical to you to add plants capable of producing allergens into your home. And it is true: some plants release airborne allergens (pollen) that will cause symptoms when they are inhaled. Other plants might also release liquids from their leaves, … Continued

US vacation destinations for seasonal allergy sufferers

Depending on where you live and what kind of pollen you are allergic to, seasonal allergies can bother you almost all year. Naturally, a vacation should be a chance to relax and escape the irritants triggering your allergy symptoms. We collected a list of various holiday destinations that work for allergy patients. The best vacation … Continued

Children: Sore Throat or Allergies?

“Mom, my throat feels scratchy…” – when children complain about a sore throat, most parents rightfully assume that their kid is dealing with a common cold. But that’s not always the case: an irritated and scratchy throat doesn’t have to indicate a cold or a flu-like infection – it could also be an allergy. Common … Continued

Fruit allergy or pollen-associated cross-reactivity?

When it comes to diagnosing true fruit allergies, the most important clinical task is identifying the allergenic molecules causing allergy reactions in patients. Molecular allergy testing is an important tool for risk assessment, accurate diagnostics as well as dietary recommendations for patients.   Fruit allergies are a great example for a food allergy that can be pollen … Continued

5 tips to raise a child with environmental allergies

Parenting a healthy child can already be challenging. But when your little one suffers from environmental allergies, it can become even more taxing. Environmental allergies are allergies that are triggered by something in a person’s surroundings. Allergenic substances can occur outdoors (e.g., pollen, insect venom) or indoors (e.g., house dust mites, pet allergens, mold). If … Continued

US pollen season start and regional variability

Pollen allergy is one of the most common forms of allergy in the US. It affects approximately 19.2 million adults as well as 5.2 million children. Typically, symptoms of hay fever include nasal congestion and obstruction, sneezing fits, conjunctivitis, ear infections as well as allergic asthma.    It is a regionally variable disease and heavily … Continued