7 Allergy Myths

Allergies are common, but their mechanics are not always understood. There are still a lot of misconceptions about allergies, and a lot of misinformation is shared on the web every day. Today we tackle some widespread allergy myths and set the record straight:   1. Allergies only develop during childhood  Many people believe that allergies … Continued

Children: Sore Throat or Allergies?

“Mom, my throat feels scratchy…” – when children complain about a sore throat, most parents rightfully assume that their kid is dealing with a common cold. But that’s not always the case: an irritated and scratchy throat doesn’t have to indicate a cold or a flu-like infection – it could also be an allergy. Common … Continued

How To Dust Mite Proof Your Home

When you suffer from a pollen allergy, it’s natural to spend most of your time during peak allergy season indoors to avoid symptoms as best as you can. But what can you do if the enemy is in your house? In your bed, even? The truth is that you can’t fully remove house dust mites … Continued

Does drinking alcohol make your allergies worse?

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine in the evening? But do you ever experience your skin flushing or sneezing fits after drinking? If this sounds familiar to you, you might want to overthink your drinking habits. Research has shown that even if you aren’t truly allergic to the compounds of alcohol itself, drinking … Continued

How to spot an allergy

In the US, about 40% of all children and 30% of all adults suffer from some form of allergy. But how to spot an allergy? Allergic reactions can be caused by many substances – the most common allergen sources include pollen (from grasses, trees, and weeds), pet and animal dander (from cats, dogs, etc.), dust … Continued

Methods of allergy and food intolerance testing

Allergies and food intolerances are more and more common in today’s society. There are several different methods for allergy and food intolerance testing, including blood and skin tests.  There is no fix-all cure for allergies and food intolerances. Therefore, it is important for allergy sufferers to take an allergy test to determine the allergens that … Continued