Test for 286 food intolerance triggers with the most accurate & comprehensive at-home test on the market.

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Test for 286 food intolerance triggers with the most accurate & comprehensive at-home test on the market.

USD 249 USD 219
Food intolerance test


The 7DROPS at-home food intolerance test covers 286 food triggers from 13 different food groups - including super foods like chia seeds, chlorella, spirulina & more!


Receive a personalized, medically checked and physician approved result and discuss it for free with our medical partners at Curex.


Receive personalized dietary recommendations based on your food intolerances (e.g. substitute foods & alternative dishes).


Receive results with a minimized risk of false-positives due to the use of next generation molecular immunodiagnostics.


Receive results for 286 different foods such as milk, eggs, wheat, fruit, vegetables, novel foods such as aloe, ginseng, tapioka & more!

Your at-home food intolerance test


286 TRIGGERS TESTED Wheat, dairy, fruit, vegetables, nuts, meat, and more.


RELATED SYMPTOMS Bloating, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, headaches, nervousness & irritability

7DROPS food intolerance test


Find out more about the test kit, the technology behind our tests, and what happens to your sample at the lab.
  • What's in my test kit?
    1 sample tube for your blood sample
    4 alcohol pads to keep everything clean and sterile
    3 lancets to prick your finger for the sample collection
    1 transport tube to protect your sample tube
    1 prepaid return envelope to mail your sample back to our lab
    7 steps with 7DROPS – instructions for use
  • What does the 7DROPS food intolerance test measure?
    The 7DROPS at-home food intolerance test (FIT) measures repeatable IgG reactivities through in vitro multiplex testing. The results show the measurement of specific IgG levels against 286 food antigens from 13 different food groups (including basic and novel foods).
  • What happens to my sample?
    This is what happens to your sample once it reaches our lab up until you receive your results in your personal 7DROPS dashboard:

    1. After arrival, your sample is checked if it is in good condition for processing.
    2. If your sample gets the green light for processing, it is prepared and then loaded into an automated batch analyzer called MAX 45k.
    3. After processing, the results of the test we just ran on your sample are loaded onto our servers.
    4. Before you receive your results, they are checked and approved by a doctor. In case of a conspicuous result (risk of anaphylaxis), you are automatically contacted by a medical expert to dicuss next steps.
    5. Once approved, your results appear on your personal 7DROPS dashboard for your to view and download.
    6. If you have questions about your results, you can book a free orientation consultation with our medical partners from CUREX.
  • What are IgG antibodies?
    IgG is short for Immuno-Globulin G – a type of antibody representing 75% of human blood serum. In IgG testing, serum or plasma is tested for IgG antibodies instead of IgE antibodies. IgG is also called a “memory antibody” because it signifies memory through exposure to a food.
  • What are CCDs?
    CCDs (cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants) are clinically irrelevant sugars located on allergens. They can lead to false-positive diagnostic results in allergy and food intolerance testing. One of 7DROPS’ key features is automatically blocking CCDs during the processing of samples to prevent false-positives and increase the accuracy of the results.

    Note: the final diagnosis and subsequent therapy should always be made and ordered by your allergy specialist.
What 7DROPS users say


5 Stars
Since I have recurring symptoms I couldn't really make sense of, I purchased a 7DROPS kit for the allergy and food intolerance test. The process was pretty easy and my results came back within a week. I'm happy with the results, as they gave me a lot of insight about different foods I should probably avoid in the future if I want to feel better overall!
Author Name
Simon P., 39
4 Stars
For years, I experienced skin rashes and nausea whenever I eat certain foods like dairy products. A friend working in the medical field recommended trying 7DROPS to see where I stand – after my results came in, I started cutting out certain allergic foods from my diet and I feel way better now!
Peter M., 35
5 Stars
I suspected I had certain food intolerances for months after noticing recurring symptoms after eating fruit and seafood. Through taking this at-home test, I found out that my symptoms are a cross-reaction caused by other allergies. It’s way easier to get the right treatment if you know what’s causing your problems!
George G., 53
5 Stars
Originally I only wanted to do an allergy test but after checking the website I thought why not both, and purchased the ALL FIT combination deal. I think it's super convenient that you can get both results with only one sample, and the report was really comprehensive as well. Recommended if you want to learn more about your health and body!
Martin H.
4 Stars
I've been felling unwell for months and had no idea what the reason could be. No doctor could really help me. After reading that food intolerances sometimes causes hard to diagnose symptoms, I took the 7DROPS food intolerance test and found out my body reacts badly to dairy products! I'm trying to change my diet and feel better already.
Sarah R., 24
4 Stars
My GP advised me to try a food intolerance test because I haven't been feeling too well lately but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my health otherwise. I researched food intolerance tests and liked how many food triggers this product tests, so I wanted to give it a shot. Taking your own sample sounded a bit indimidating to me but it actually was pretty straightforward!
Harry S., 37
5 Stars
I looove Japanese food, but I had no idea that my stomach issues were coming from an intolerance to soy! After I got my FIT results, I started to try eating different foods with less soy, and I think I'm getting better already.
Cynthia D., 26
5 Stars
I've been struggling with this really random joint pain and head aches for years until I read that that stuff could be caused by an intolerance to food. I took the FIT test and the results say cutting out wheat might help, so that's what I'm trying to do now!
Glenn F., 42
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