Allergy or cold? The 7DROPS checklist

Achoo! Sneezing fits, a blocked or runny nose, watery eyes – did you catch a cold, or could it be an allergy? The two conditions are easier to confuse than people think, especially for adults who never experienced allergy symptoms before. We compiled a checklist so you can easily tell the difference: Have your symptoms … Continued

Can you be allergic to the cold?

In a 2020 case report, doctors confirmed that a 34-year-old American experienced a severe allergic reaction after exiting a hot shower and being confronted with cold room air. His symptoms were so severe that his family had to call an ambulance and he had to be treated in the ICU. Collapse caused by allergic shock … Continued

The 7 best allergy-friendly indoor plants

If you are a pollen allergy sufferer struggling with hay fever symptoms, it might sound paradoxical to you to add plants capable of producing allergens into your home. And it is true: some plants release airborne allergens (pollen) that will cause symptoms when they are inhaled. Other plants might also release liquids from their leaves, … Continued

7 Allergy Myths

Allergies are common, but their mechanics are not always understood. There are still a lot of misconceptions about allergies, and a lot of misinformation is shared on the web every day. Today we tackle some widespread allergy myths and set the record straight:   1. Allergies only develop during childhood  Many people believe that allergies … Continued

How To Dust Mite Proof Your Home

When you suffer from a pollen allergy, it’s natural to spend most of your time during peak allergy season indoors to avoid symptoms as best as you can. But what can you do if the enemy is in your house? In your bed, even? The truth is that you can’t fully remove house dust mites … Continued

Top 10 spots in your home mold can hide in

Mold can be sneaky – it is one of the most common living organisms in the world, yet it hides very well and often grows undetected. It could be spreading in your home too, and you might not even be aware of it. The word mold is an umbrella term for a diverse number of … Continued