Guideline for managing allergies at school

Raising an allergic or asthmatic child can lead to a some concerns when it is time to go (back) to school. Managing allergies can be tough, especially for  young children, who might not understand their condition or why they sometimes have to do things differently compared to their peers. We have put together a guideline … Continued

Children: Sore Throat or Allergies?

“Mom, my throat feels scratchy…” – when children complain about a sore throat, most parents rightfully assume that their kid is dealing with a common cold. But that’s not always the case: an irritated and scratchy throat doesn’t have to indicate a cold or a flu-like infection – it could also be an allergy. Common … Continued

How To Dust Mite Proof Your Home

When you suffer from a pollen allergy, it’s natural to spend most of your time during peak allergy season indoors to avoid symptoms as best as you can. But what can you do if the enemy is in your house? In your bed, even? The truth is that you can’t fully remove house dust mites … Continued

Recognize Food Allergy Symptoms In Your Child

Catching the symptoms of food allergies in children is not always straightforward. Since most parents and caregivers only become aware of a kid’s food allergy once they eat a certain food and have a reaction to it, it is important to recognize the signs when they happen. Most food allergy symptoms are caused by the … Continued

7 tips on how to deal with pet allergies

There are self-declared cat people, dog lovers, animal friends who love both … and then there are those who are allergic. Pet allergies are hard to deal with, especially when you are an animal lover. In many households, cats and dogs are like furry family members who will happily give companionship and comfort without asking … Continued

5 tips to raise a child with environmental allergies

Parenting a healthy child can already be challenging. But when your little one suffers from environmental allergies, it can become even more taxing. Environmental allergies are allergies that are triggered by something in a person’s surroundings. Allergenic substances can occur outdoors (e.g., pollen, insect venom) or indoors (e.g., house dust mites, pet allergens, mold). If … Continued