Allergy or cold? The 7DROPS checklist

Achoo! Sneezing fits, a blocked or runny nose, watery eyes – did you catch a cold, or could it be an allergy? The two conditions are easier to confuse than people think, especially for adults who never experienced allergy symptoms before. We compiled a checklist so you can easily tell the difference: Have your symptoms … Continued

Can you be allergic to the cold?

In a 2020 case report, doctors confirmed that a 34-year-old American experienced a severe allergic reaction after exiting a hot shower and being confronted with cold room air. His symptoms were so severe that his family had to call an ambulance and he had to be treated in the ICU. Collapse caused by allergic shock … Continued

Holiday season: 10 tips for dealing with food allergies

Holiday season is the time of the year where families and friends get together and celebrate around a table stacked with delicious dishes. However, things can get a bit tricky if you are dealing with a food allergy or are going to be hosting a food allergic guest. The last thing anyone wants is having … Continued

Facts about 10 popular plant-based milk alternatives

Having to deal with a milk allergy or intolerance can be daunting. Suddenly, dairy products are off the table, and it’s time to find suitable alternatives for cooking, baking, and snacking. The rise of plant-based milk alternatives     The good news is: There’s a plethora of plant-based milk alternatives on the market! Especially in … Continued

Guideline for managing allergies at school

Raising an allergic or asthmatic child can lead to a some concerns when it is time to go (back) to school. Managing allergies can be tough, especially for  young children, who might not understand their condition or why they sometimes have to do things differently compared to their peers. We have put together a guideline … Continued