About us

We turn people into experts for their wellbeing.

At 7DROPS, we engage people to actively take part in their personal health journey by offering highly reliable and easy-to-use at-home test kits to explore their allergies and food intolerances.


Our goal is to improve our patients’ health and to increase their quality of life with the help of amazing science and technology – one by one, 7 drops at a time.  No more waiting for referrals or paying for expensive tests that only give you an incomplete picture of where you stand.


With 7DROPS, it is all in your hands, directly at your fingertip.

Our values

Our values


We have in-house medical experts and scientific pionieers with more than 35 years of experience in the field of immunodiagnostics.


We are the global leaders in immunodiagnostics and provide the whole value chain of allergy and food intolerance testing ourselves.


We explain scientific contents in an easily understandable way.

295 allergens
ALL covers 117 allergen extracts & 178 molecular allergens.
286 food antigens
FIT covers 286 basic and novel food antigens from 13 different food groups.
Full picture
The ALL allergen panel covers nearly 99% of the world's relevant allergens.

Our Mission

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    Directly & indirectly reduce costs for patients & healthcare systems through innovative methods.

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    Enable individualized allergy & food intolerance testing.

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    Improve patients' quality of life by helping them take care of their personal health.

Our Vision

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    Develop, produce and distribute innovative high-quality products for in-vitro diagnostics of allergies & food intolerances.

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    Continuously drive (r)evolution in molecular immunodiagnostics.

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    Raise the bar

    Combine the latest scientific findings with state-of-the-art technology & set new standards in our field.


Where we come from

Our founder, biologist Christian Harwanegg, PhD, worked for the leading companies in immunodiagnostics for over a decade, before founding his own med-tech business MacroArray Diagnostics (in short, MADx) in 2016. Together with a multidisciplinary team with years of experience in in-vitro diagnostics, he strives to improve allergy testing. Currently, the ever-growing MADx team consists of more than 40 employees, including experienced specialists from the fields of research, development, production, engineering, marketing, product management, and sales.


As MADx, our customers are hospitals, laboratories, and doctor’s offices in over 60 countries around the globe, who use our self-developed hardware and software solutions for comprehensive allergy testing on their patients. MADx is the world leader in multiplex allergy diagnostics, offering the most comprehensive test panel of allergen extracts and molecular allergens, which give a near complete picture of each patient’s sensitization status.


To find out more about our work as MADx, click here.


Where we are going

As 7DROPS, our customer is YOU. We use all the highly advanced MADx tech to offer affordable, accessible, and non-invasive at home allergy and food intolerance testing for everyone. We believe that every patient deserves individual advice and therapy tailored to their allergies and food intolerances.


To achieve that, patients need to know where they stand. With the 7DROPS at-home test kit, every patient can collect their sample from the comfort of their own home and send it back to the 7DROPS lab for analysis. We test for 295 different allergens that may cause allergy symptoms, and/or 286 food antigens that may cause food intolerance reactions. With their results, patients also receive practical advice on how to proceed, including tips on prevention and therapy options.


To find out more about our proprietary software and hardware solutions, click here.

To find out more about our laboratory and methodology, click here.

Management team

  • Dr. Christian Harwanegg

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Dr. Georg Mitterer

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Florian Schnabl, MBA

    Company Secretary

  • Karin Kernmayer-Farr, MA

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Barbara Hamza, MA

    Head of Brand

  • Tanja Judmann, MA

    Head of Content

Medical Team

  • Dr. Sascha Dennstedt


  • Dr. Chet Tharpe

    Medical Director, Curex Allergy

  • Dr. Ravi Patel

    VP of Telemedicine, Curex Allergy

  • Dr. Needa Ogden

    Head of Clinical Communications, Curex Allergy

  • Kayla Mardaga, NP

    Clinical Director, Curex Allergy

  • Jill Hamburg, PA-C

    Allergy Clinician, Curex allergy

Scientific Board

  • Dr. Christian Lupinek

    Medical Director, MADx

  • Dr. Martina Aumayr

    Head of R&D, MADx

  • Peter Forstenlechner, MSc

    Scientific Board

  • Dr. Sandra Wieser

    Scientific Board